About Us

Athletes United is a non-profit 501(c) 3 organization established by a former student athlete who understands the challenges faced by many underprivileged youth in our community.


To positively affect social change by training former athletes in life coaching skills which will allow them to provide a comprehensive support system to young people within a safe environment of play and learning; so they may reach their full potential as productive citizens and excel as leaders.



Former athletes will assist youth in becoming responsible and caring citizens by developing their confidence, leadership and establish positive decision-making skills.

Athletes United will enable all interested parties to create an environment that will assist youths in the community, as well as, build healthy communities by bringing youths, families and communities together to work on a common goal.

We use community-based practices to guide our efforts of success: serving a community need, identifying and fostering intentional learning objectives, creating structured opportunities for reflection, including youth voice and leadership, fostering civic responsibility, evaluating the program and activities; building partnerships between youth, parents, schools and communities. 

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